Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Last Days of My "Fruitful Challenge"

Day 8: Gentleness

Sorry that this post is so late.
Without my own computer it's kinda difficult.
Yesterday was my "gentleness day".
I challenged myself to try to practice gentleness with my words.
That's where I struggle.
However, I jokingly called my friend an idiot.
I caught myself after I said it and apologized.
Thankfully she didn't really care.
But then  I beat myself up about it.
And then it hit me...
Sometimes, I need to be more gentle with myself.
A lot of times I worry about something I did or said
that may have made someone upset way after it has been said or done.
Yesterday made me realize that beating myself up won't change what
happened, it only makes it worse.
Didn't know I would learn that with my "gentleness day".


Day 9: Self-Control

Today was my "self-control day", and I surely was tested.
I had an awesome day with my friends Megan and Ashley.
I practiced self-control by actually stopping when I was full.
I could have eaten part of a really good-looking chocolate pastry.
But I didn't.
Then, we took a trip over to Old Navy.
Those of you who know me know that Old Navy is my secret addiction.
However, I managed to stay in the clearance section and get lots of stuff
for a pretty good price. I probably could've practiced more self-control, but
let's just say baby steps :)
I'm gonna keep practicing self-control by not eating anymore
of the incredible brownies me and my brother just made.
I'll try not to get too full tonight too.
Food is my weakness in self-control.


Well, my "Fruitful Challenge" is over.
I've finally memorized the fruits of the spirit.
I've learned so much about myself.
I know the things I need to continue to work on.
I've had a blast doing this.
I am very thankful that I decided to take on this challenge.
It seriously has encouraged me to be a better person each and every day.
Even though my challenge is officially over, I will continue to practice these things.
Thanks for walking through each step with me.
I hope in some way that I encouraged someone to at least try something new
in their life. You never know what good things may come.

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