Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 6: Goodness

 So, yesterday was my "goodness day". 
First of all, let me say "OH MY GOODNESS"...
my computer has a virus! 
That's why I am a little late posting this. 
Anyways, I must admit that I wasn't exactly sure 
how to practice goodness so I did some research. 
Turns out goodness is just practicing basic morality. 
So, here's how my day went...
I went to school and tried to practice goodness and Godliness
in the best way possible by making sure my actions 
represented what a Christian should really be...the living Bible. 
God showed his goodness by giving me some time after to class
to go get in my bed for an hour before I had to go sit in car line :) 
Then, I tried to pass the goodness by teaching some children the 
appropriate way to treat each other. 
It went a little something like this...
"That's not very nice. 
Would you like someone to call you that? 
We don't use the word hate in my car. 
I don't care if she said it before. 
If you have to tattle-tale you need to do it to your hand when it's over your mouth." 
Gotta love kids. 
After I dropped the kids off, the boyfriend and I went to the gym
despite the crazy storms that came through here last night. 
I practiced goodness by not slapping him in the face at his smart remarks. 
Just kidding. 
But seriously, I am sometimes a "gym watcher". 
Some people make me feel better about myself and others 
inspire me to work my butt off even more. 
So I decided that goodness was not being a "gym watcher". 
After the gym I watched an incredible movie that made me cry the 
whole time. If you want to see a movie that exemplifies the 
goodness of God go rent The Fifth Quarter.
Let's just say I went home and made my brother hug me. 
Just don't go to the website for the foundation. 
That's what gave my computer the virus. 
Today is my "faithfulness day". 
Hopefully I will be able to update y'all tonight on my progress.

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