Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 4: Patience

Today was my "patience day" in my Fruitful Challenge.
Patience is one of my biggest struggles.
Usually, I have none.
I am the first to say that I am a planner.
I love to think about what my life will be like when
I have my own house with ,
my husband,
my children,
my puppies and pigs that I want so badly,
and just my future in general.
Why does practicing patience have to be so hard?
This morning I was late to class.
I had to find the patience when dealing with some
of the "slow pokes" on the road that were making me even more late.
I have to practice patience in carline every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
(That's my little job...hey it works.)
The biggest lesson I had in patience today was something that made
me so happy. It literally made my day.
I taught one of the little girls I pick up from school to tie her shoes today.
I had to teach her patience and perserverance.
She finally got it. Her face lit up.
A true example that patience pays off.
I took her to the nearest dollar store for a celebration treat.
Now, the hard part...
One of the biggest things that I struggle with is that I have to be
patient because I can no longer take a short drive or call my
Grandma on the phone to tell her how my day went.
I don't get to laugh with her, cook with her, or see her smile.
Thankfully, God has given me many of her characteristics.
I am an occasional loud mouth redneck that says the first thing that comes to mind.
I can cook you just about any kind of southern cuisine you could ever crave...
and I make a mess doing it.
When I love, I love with my whole heart.
My Grandma was and still is my hero.
I have to practice patience because I know that one day I will see her again.
I don't mind waiting. It will be so worth it.

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