Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 5: Kindness

Today was my "kindness day" in my Fruitful Challenge.
I love the impact that kindness makes on others.
Nothing makes me feel better than making another person happy.
However, kindness can be extremely difficult to give to people who
aren't so kind to you. This is my downfall with kindness.
So, as I am pulling into school I heard on the radio that people often
say it is dangerous to pray for patience because most of the time
you should expect God to send you a situation so that you can practice patience.
Well, I prayed for kindness.
I knew this meant God would more than likely give me an opportunity
to show kindness, and He did. I tried my hardest to be kind to someone
who wasn't necessarily too kind to me recently.
I think I used a little patience, too.
Well, then I got home.
Most of the time I take out my frustrations on my Mama anyways,
but her forgetfulness set me off and I said some very unkind things.
(Sorry Mama)
Thankfully, she said "Heather, isn't this your day for kindness?"
Ugghhh... did she have to go there?
I'm glad she did though.
So, after my pouting I decided to cook supper for everybody.
We had tacos, Mexican rice, corn, and a great Mexican banana dessert.
After supper, I gave my brother a haircut, and we actually talked through the process.
I'm wondering if this Fruitful Challenge is paying off in our relationship...
Anyways, as I look back on my day I think I could've done more.
I was looking up pictures on Pinterest for this post and
remembered the phrase "random act of kindness".
I got an awesome idea from one of these, and tomorrow I am going
to put a chocolate bar with a note in the mailbox for our mail man.
I thought this was neat.
Overall, today was an eye-opener for how many times
during the day I can miss opportunities of kindness if I'm not focused
on the fruits of the spirit.
Pass it on.

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  1. You're a special young lady for whom I am thankful!