Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello Weekend...

It's been one of those long weeks full of ups and downs. I am glad it's over and so ready to take some time to sleep and catch up on my tv time. I realize that I haven't really given a good update here lately besides my Miranda Lambert rant (which I must say her new cd is incredible), so here it goes...

My Georgia Dawgs made me so happy in the nail biter against Florida last weekend. However, Clemson lost their first game against Georgia Tech the same night. It was a heart breaker for those of us who were pulling for them to go undefeated all season.

I think if this Clemson picture could have a caption it would be, "Whhyyyy?"


I also realized I never posted pictures of my crafts I finished.
Here are a few...
(Forgive the awful way the pictures look. I took them from my phone)
 A monogrammed burlap covered canvas
 A laundry room sign for my friend, Ashley
Another burlap wreath...not sure if I already posted this one.


I also got some good news this week. My friend, Ashley, and I were accepted into the Professional Education Program. I guess the blue shirt and black cardigan didn't distract them too much.

 Last but not least, I decided to include this picture.
There is no explanation needed.
It speaks for itself.

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