Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

Can anybody say sugar coma? 
That's what I feel like I'm in. I have been eating so super healthy for a month now. Well, today my professional education group met at the University instead of at the Elementary school. This gave us the perfect excuse to throw a Valentine's Day party. Being the teachers that we are, we went all out. Chocolate frosted brownies, crumb cake, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies. We even had sparkling grape juice. We have an amazing professor that we all love, and she was so excited that we planned this. Well, needless to say I ate it all. I didn't pig out, but when you haven't really eaten sweets in a month you definitely feel it. I am running off of sugar, and that's no good. But overall, today was a great day. I just wanted to share with y'all the pictures from our little party. 

Okay, so just a couple of "goodies" photos. There's more, but I figured I'd leave it at that. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day even if you don't have that special someone. My Mama was my special someone this morning. She's pretty awesome about holidays... even if she can't make the pretzel treats :) 
Before I go I figured I'd tell y'all a little bit about my for real Valentine. 
He's the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. 
This is our fourth Valentine's Day together. It doesn't matter what we do. All that matters is he is there, but since it is the big V-day I will tell y'all about the sweetest thing he ever did for me on this day. It was our first Valentine's Day... I think. I was still in high school and running late to class. Not much has changed there. I got in my car and there were a dozen roses sitting in the seat with a note. When I cranked up my car our song was playing. Yep. He did good. But after school he did it again... a note and more roses. He kept doing sweet things like that for the rest of the day. He was really trying to win me over. It worked. We've grown so much together these past four years, and I am so thankful he is mine. No matter what the day is, he always finds a way to surprise me with something. He's pretty incredible. 
And that's my sappy love story of the day. 
Happy Valentine's Day Y'all

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  1. Teachers know how to do it right! I would've given anything to be with our kids today in field. Holidays are the best!

    Very sweet story about your boyfriend!