Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Friday...

Hey y'all. I'm so glad it's Friday. 
I was so exhausted last night that I took a melatonin and went to sleep at 9:30. I got eleven hours of sleep, and I must say it felt incredible. After a long week, I think I deserve to be a little lazy today. So, I've pretty much been in the bed and been on Pinterest all morning. I'm not ashamed. So, here's what's been on my mind this incredible Friday morning...
That stupid groundhog said six more weeks of winter. You know what I say? Forget the groundhog. I'm just gonna keep wishing for warm weather. Yesterday I laid out by the pool. What now Mr. Groundhog? 
I'm ready to go the gym today and get on the treadmill. I'm to the point now where if I skip a day I miss it. Craziness. 
House of Payne comes on tonight! I'm so happy that Calvin made it, but I'm so sad this is the last season. I will be buying the dvds. 

Thank you Pinterest for helping me enjoy my lazy Friday! 
Hope y'all have a great day!

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