Friday, February 24, 2012

Confessional Friday...

Happy Friday y'all. 
I'm linking up to share my deepest darkest confessions of the week. Enjoy!
1. I confess that I am as excited as a four year old girl on Christmas Eve. It's finally here! I get to see Miranda Lambert in concert tonight! Y'all don't even understand my level of excitement. 
2. I confess that with my level of excitement I am a little nervous, too. I'm getting my hair cut today. Short. Really short. Shorter than ever before. I thought it would be cute, but I am extremely nervous. Here's what I'm hoping it would look like. 
3. I confess that I so ate bad yesterday, and I'm planning on doing it tonight. In my defense, yesterday was a long day...really long day. It was great, but Mexican sure did hit the spot last night. Plus, with the concert going on tonight I figured a good ol' buttery chicken biscuit and sweet tea would hit the spot. It's kinda our late night out of town tradition. 
4. I confess that I made a Target run yesterday to purchase tan towels for tonight. There's nothing worse than looking white with a cute dress and boots. I don't fake bake so these little things are awesome. 
5. Finally, I must confess that ever since I was a little girl, I've known I wanted to be a teacher. Having these experiences in school now has only solidified my feelings. Yesterday, we did contractions. Here's the finished product. If you can't see they wrote the two words that formed the contraction on the tail and the contraction in the middle. 

And those are my confessions. I hope y'all have a great day and a wonderful weekend. 


  1. I love that haircut! Wish I was brave enough to go that short! Have fun at the concert tonight! :)

  2. Have a blast at the concert tonight! I am SO jealous! I love Miranda Lambert! She's actually playing in Charleston some time this month (I can't remember which day!) Love the haircut, by the way!

  3. Found your blog via the link-up! I must say that I am quite jealous of you getting to see Miranda Lambert tonight! I hope you have fun! & I'm going to have to look into those tan towels! How awesome is that!? Happy Friday!


  4. I found your blog through Friday Confessions :) !! I hope that you love your haircut ! I am doing my practicum for early childhood education at UGA-- I love your contraction lesson !!

  5. 1. I am so jealous! Miranda is my idol!!!
    2. Love that haircut!
    3. Totally agree with the teaching thing. Super cute bulletin board!

  6. Ok, I love the info on the tan towels. How did I not know Target sold these? Are they in the makeup aisle? Have fun at the concert with your new hairstyle!

    1. Yes, they are sold in the makeup aisle. Sonia Kashuk makes them and they work like a charm! Thanks for stopping by!