Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How My Christmas Went...

Well I hope y'all had a great Christmas. Mine was really good. I got so many things that I wanted. Probably too much. Scarves, books, pajamas, some cooking stuff, jewelry...the list goes on and on. As usual, Austin got clothes and baseball stuff. Greg got Carolina stuff, and Mama got a massage, neck pillow, books, and pajamas...all the things she loves the most.

After we went to church and had our Christmas lunch, it was time to go to Benji's to exchange gifts. I got some really great gifts from his family. I can't wait to start crafting again thanks to the Hobby Lobby gift card.

 Benji gave me a really cute Southern Girl t-shirt and a burlap Georgia tumbler. Who would've ever thought they made those? However, little did I know the biggest gift was just around the corner. You see, for probably eight months now I've been dropping at least two hints a day about wanting to go see Miranda Lambert in concert. My friends, Ashley and Megan have backed me up (maybe a little too much) and bothered him to death too about it. After the last time they brought it up and I saw the expression on his face, I decided to give it up. I wasn't getting the tickets. It didn't even cross my mind after opening the great gifts he had already given me. But then it happened. He ducked around the corner and gave me a bag. He said, "I forgot the best gift." All I saw was chocolate so I was thinking he was just being funny. I'm good with Dove chocolate! But Miranda Lambert tickets were at the bottom. I cried.

Then we went to have Christmas in Georgia. It was a lot of fun, and now we have made volleyball a tradition. Uncle West even bought an official net. It was fun. 

Well, I hope I didn't bore y'all with my Christmas events. Hope everything was good with y'alls! Merry Christmas!

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