Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remembering A Hero...

I've been contemplating since Tuesday night whether  or not to post anything about the police officer killed in the line of duty.  However, after watching the moving funeral today and seeing the many pictures showing the outpouring of love from the community I decided it was time. 
Last Tuesday night started off great.  Mama, my brother Austin, Benji, and I went to eat at a new restaurant in town and then went to bowl. With one frame left Benji got a call on his radio. All I heard was, "Officer down." He ran out of the bowling alley. I was worried for him because the location of the shooting was so close to the bowling alley, but I was praying more for the officer who had  been shot. Unfortunately, that officer passed away the next morning.
Since this night, our city has shown a tremendous amount of support to the family of the officer. Today, this support was evident at the funeral. I didn't go or stand along the sides of the roads, but here are some pictures I've seen.

Please pray for this family and his fellow officers.
Psalm 46:1

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