Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello World...

Sorry it's been so long, y'all.
Final exams are finally over, and I couldn't be more happy.
Christmas is less than two weeks away, and I still have
a lot of shopping to do. Mostly online.
Anyways, to recap my week would bore you
and make me relive the exams I took.
However, after 9:30a.m. on Friday things started looking up.
Me and Benji helped the youth from MB with the
Annual Scavenger Hunt Friday night.
I was with the 7th grade girls. He was with the 6th grade boys.
We took 2nd place. He took 4th.
We would've won if we beat his team back to the bonfire.
I'm not bitter :)
On Saturday, I spent some much needed time with my friend, Kathleen.
We wanted to make some bacon, cheddar, and ranch bread
that we had seen on Pinterest. So, we did.
It was awesome.

I had to make some things for Benji's family, too.
I really wanted to make Christmas tree brownies. So, I did.
I also made deviled eggs, but I added bacon...yum.

 That night I went to the Christmas party for Benji's new job.
I had a great time, and it gave me an excuse to dress up.
By the way, it turns out nobody liked my burlap bows.
Mama thought they looked like big cheerleader bows.
Benji took that opportunity to model them.
If that don't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will!

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