Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

Today, I'm thankful for the day God gave me yesterday. I had an awesome day, and I'd like to share it with y'all.

It was my last day in my practicum classroom. My first graders were awesome. They made me a sign and we had a little celebration filled with Christmas cakes, certifications, and a sweet book reading. My teacher and classroom grandma showered me with gifts and positive  feedback. As a true Southern girl, I gave them redneck wine glasses! I also made this for my teacher...

Then, to celebrate the end of the semester, my best friend and I went out to get some awesome Chinese food. Here's a picture of us from our last day of classroom activities before our internship...

After having a good end of the semester meeting with my professor, I had a one hour massage. It was heavenly. Benji gave me a gift certificate for my birthday (in July), and I finally used it. So, I have him to thank for that great part of my day. 

After my massage, it was church time. Our youth pastor gave an awesome sermon about the things we should really focus on during Christmas time: focusing on God's perfect timing and the gift instead of the gifts. I so needed to hear that message. 

Finally, I came home and watched the Duck Dynasty Christmas special. Uncle Si as an elf just made my day complete. 
Overall, yesterday was pretty awesome. I'm definitely thankful for it! 

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  1. Hi
    Found your blog from Mingle Monday. I was reading this post and couldnt agree with you more about Uncle Si!! I absolutely love that show and him of course!