Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What they don't tell you...

As many of you know, I am a senior in college and will graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education in May. Now, I have always heard your senior year of college is hard, but here's a few things they don't tell you about what it truly means to be a practicum student/student teacher. 
You will literally have to work on lesson plans and assignments about three hours everyday after you go to school and teach for a few hours and listen to lectures for another couple. 

Don't worry. It is normal that you are getting the names of all your students confused. Come on, you're human. When you only see those students for a few hours a week, and you're in three different classes YOU WILL GET CONFUSED. 

You cannot procrastinate. (Thankfully, I figured this out last semester.) But seriously, even when you are ahead on your work, your to-do list is usually still two pages long. 

Good luck working another job. Is it possible? Yes. However, it is extremely difficult, and you can kiss your social life goodbye. 

Now that you have been trained to develop your teaching style, you will be forced to comply with the teacher's style in the classroom you have been put in. (A difficult one for me. THIS GIRL NEEDS ORGANIZATION. PLEASE!) 

Don't worry. You're not crazy. You're just tired. It's okay to go to sleep at 9. 

No, you're not cross-eyed. You've just been staring at your computer for the past 5 hours. And yes, it's perfectly acceptable to have a Pinterest break in between writing lesson plans. (IT'S CALLED PLANNING PEOPLE!) 

Did I mention that it's not all bad? You will have those incredible moments in your day that make you realize you really are going into the right profession. It can be a look, a hug, or that sweet, sweet comment made to you by that child you would never expect to say it. It will happen. It will make you smile, and guess what.... 


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