Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Don't Believe in Diets...

There was a time in my life when I would "diet". I would start some new craze that everybody swore was the real deal and then go right back to my old ways. To be quite honest, the word "diet", itself, just seems to make me a little tense. But enough of my ranting and raving. Here's what I truly believe. I believe that everyone should attempt to live a healthy lifestyle filled with nutritious food and exercise. So, lately I've been on the search for healthy meals for lunch and supper. I've got a lot of good ideas from other websites, but I know that word of mouth is what usually helps the most. So, here's some of my ideas for healthy meals. I would love to hear some ideas from y'all.
I know I put these banana peanut butter smoothies up here last time, but seriously... they're really good and a great way to get protein. Just make sure to use the natural peanut butter.
 Oatmeal is always a great way to fill you up so you won't be starving at lunch time. Cinnamon is a great zer0-calorie way to make it taste incredible.
 I love fruit. Since I'm a salt girl anyway, fruit is my way to get the sweetness in for the day. Breakfast, lunch, snacks or whatever fruit is my friend.
 Beef or chicken tacos/wraps are good for lunch too. They can be prepared ahead of time and don't taste awful after sitting like some foods. Just remember to get wheat tortillas. I'm not a big wheat fan, but I can't tell the difference with tortillas.
I'm still a Southern girl and love my fried chicken, but I'm also realistic and know that I can't have this all the time. However, oven-fried chicken comes pretty darn close to the real thing, and you don't feel so heavy when you get done eating it.
I found this recipe for a healthy version of parmesan chicken on Food Network's website. They have a lot of good ideas, but I want to hear from y'all. What's some tips and recipes that help you live a healthier life?
Let me know :)


  1. yum! These all look so good! I am horrible with diets. It's a psychological thing, if I'm on a diet I always crave junk when I don't even really like it, it's the oddest thing. I agree that it's more important to make healthy eating habits. Have a great weekend!

  2. Those smoothies look DELISH! Need to try that! :)

    Hope your Friday is fabulous!!

  3. I'm working on eating healthier this year, too--and those PB banana smoothies look AMAZING! And us Southern gals have to get some fried chicken in there somewhere!

    Happy to be your newest follower! :)