Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Happy Wednesday y'all! 
Here's a few things I'm loving on this warm, sunny day! 

I'm loving this performance of "Over You" that Blake and Miranda did on The Voice last night to pay tribute to those from Oklahoma. Might I add that the story of the teacher who said, "I did what teachers aren't supposed to do. I prayed" just gives me chills. 

I'm loving that I'm actually making some money for being in the classroom now! Subbing can be quite an experience, but I'm so thankful for the opportunity. 

I'm loving that no matter what I go through, the stress, the worries, my incredible boyfriend always finds some way to make me laugh. 

I'm loving these Pinterest inspirations to get in shape. Without these to be my reminder, I'd be huge. 

Finally, I'm loving that no matter what goes on in this world, God is still a refuge and provides even in the most difficult situations. 

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