Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Hey y'all. It's been a while since I've linked up with Jamie for WILW, but today seems like a perfect day for it. 
I'm loving that this week is Spring Break for me. I definitely needed it. I'm not a big party girl, so my favorite part of Spring Break has been sleeping in. Love it. However, I wish it would get warmer so I could lay out. 

I'm loving how awesome the Miranda Lambert concert was, and yes, Mama... I'm finally blogging about it. Seriously, she was, still is, and will always be my absolute favorite. Girl can sing and doesn't take any bull and I appreciate that about her. I'll share with y'all something she said that I thought was so funny. When talking about how they all want her to be a sweet little blue-eyed blonde girl that ways 100 pounds and says all the right things she said, "I just can't do it. This skirt is a large, and it's a little snug and I'm alright with that. 'Cause I like to drink beer and eat chicken fried steak every once in a while, and if that's okay with y'all then I guess that's okay with me." Gah... gotta love her! 
Me and the boyfriend with my new short hair on the shuttle. 
And okay, I've gotta give credit where credit is due. I didn't take these pictures but this girl did. Pretty awesome. Captures the feeling of the night perfectly!

Yeah, it was awesome. I think I annoyed my boyfriend with all the thank you's the whole night. To top it off, when the concert finally started, he leaned over, kissed me on the forehead and said, "Merry Christmas, baby." Too sweet. 
I'm also loving that because it is Spring Break, I've way more time to play on Pinterest... good thing or bad thing? Oh well, who cares. Here's some of my favorites from this week so far.

I'm loving the signs that Spring is coming. Seriously, I'm a nicer person when it's hot outside.  So, when the flowers start blooming and the sun starts shining a little brighter, I'm good to go. I'm ready to be "knee deep in the water somewhere". Seriously. By the way, I'm loving, loving, loving this bathing suit. Classy and fun at the same time. 

And of course, I'm loving him...


  1. Ugh, I wish it was my spring break! I look forward to not having to do any school work. ;)

  2. oh girl! I love that swim suit! :) so cute! where did you find it?!

  3. I think we share the same profound love for Miranda! I'm so glad you had fun! Enjoy your break :)

    PS - please share where you found that bathing suit!!!

  4. I love Miranda too! Saw her last year and it was a fabulous show!

  5. Thanks for the credit on the photos! Not many people take the time to do that these days, so I really appreciate it! I'm glad you had fun at the show! It was sooooo good :)